Shadow of No Man

Iris squinted skywards, noticing a lone red balloon floating between two high-rise buildings. The midday sun shimmered off the glassy…

The Rabbit

Throughout history, rabbits have been the instigators of millions of adventures. Many a famous tale has begun with a rabbit and a quest springing from chasing one. T

Run For The Hills Part 2

“Right here,” Rodney said in a whisper from behind him, causing Aiden to jump. “Come on. Follow me,” he explained…

Run For The Hills

Aiden hoisted his backpack over his shoulder and stood from the bluish-gray pebbled carpet. A bandana made from his old G.I. Joe t-shirt was fashioned tightly around his forehead, one of its tales caught momentarily by the pull of his backpack straps. He jerked his neck, pulling the bandana slack away.

Calem’s Desert Part 4

“Belt,” she said, flexing her hand out behind her where she knew Calem was standing. “For what?” he argued. “Now!”…

Baby Photos

I’m sure many of you have been faced with this dilemma – being cornered by someone you mildly tolerate and…

Calem Part 1

What is darkness? Is it only space void of light? A moment in time succumbed to obscurity? Is it a point where life ceases to live up to its full potential? Or is darkness simply a beginning to an adventure so vast it would be hard to fathom in one man’s dreams?