The Last Narkoy

What wonders hide behind golden eyes…

The Narkoy city of Gathow is hidden miles beneath the surface of the planet of Matrador, where it has remained abandoned for five-hundred years — And the Marisheio Empire wants it. Only two people can open the gates of Gathow, the Narkoy’s leader, Chadon Sortec and her ten-year-old granddaughter, Sedom. A genetically altered virus ravages through the cities of Matrador, destroying every last Narkoy in its path. Only Sedom survives and now must somehow keep Gathow from falling into the Marisheio clutches.

Sedom becomes the object of a massive manhunt which can only end in one thing if she’s caught– the deaths of tens of billions of people. Somehow, she must survive in the dense forests of Matrador long enough to find Gathow. If and when she does, she almost must somehow return it back to it’s former glory not only as a city, but as a working military base.

The Last Narkoy
Balance of Power

Aila Soogal is a simple doctor with a rather colorful past. Assigned to an unusual patient of indeterminable origins, Aila vows to solve the mystery of who her patient is and where she came from. After days of investigating, she comes to find that her patient is the leader of her planet’s enemy, the Tasgool. She is caught between two warring sides with only one way out. Somehow, she must convince the Tasgool to take her with them or face execution by her government for treason.