The Last Narkoy

The Last Narkoy

The Last Narkoy Gathow

The Last Narkoy Oslo

What wonders hide behind golden eyes…

The Narkoy city of Gathow is hidden miles beneath the surface of the planet of Matrador, where it has remained abandoned for five-hundred years — And the Marisheio Empire wants it. Only two people can open the gates of Gathow, the Narkoy’s leader, Chadon Sortec and her ten-year-old granddaughter, Sedom. A genetically altered virus ravages through the cities of Matrador, destroying every last Narkoy in its path. Only Sedom survives and now must somehow keep Gathow from falling into the Marisheio clutches.

The threat of the Marisheio forces taking over Matrador forces Sedom Sortec to reopen her ancient peoples’ military base, Gathow. With only a handful of people to run a city mean to house millions, she must seek out new ways of finding people to help her fight for her cause. In a case of unusual luck, Sedom stumbles across a man who has the skills and knowhow to take Gathow to the next level, or does he? Sedom must place her trust in a group of people who could possibly do more harm than good. Or, they could possibly build Gathow and the Narkoy military to the best force the galaxy has ever witnessed.

Sedom Sortec and her team embark on a mission to retrieve the OSLO, a Tasgool ship with immense power. In route to the OSLO, their own ship is shot down over the planet of Clovucutte, the Marisheio home world and the Tasgool’s most vicious enemy. After crashing on the planet’s surface, the team is split up and Sedom is captured. She is enslaved by her enemy and forced to fight in games to the death. It is up to the Tasgool and their new friends to devise a way to free Sedom and still retrieve the OSLO before it is too late.

The Last Narkoy
Balance Of Power

Aila Soogal is a simple doctor with a rather colorful past. Assigned to an unusual patient of indeterminable origins, Aila vows to solve the mystery of who her patient is and where she came from. After days of investigating, she comes to find that her patient is the leader of her planet’s enemy, the Tasgool. She is caught between two warring sides with only one way out. Somehow, she must convince the Tasgool to take her with them or face execution by her government for treason.

The Last Narkoy KIMAAL

Three hundred years after a small religious faction of Narkoy fled their world, fearing religious persecution, they’re once again met with hostility. The Marisheio Empire, the sworn enemies of the Narkoy, have found them on their new planet of Matrador. They have vowed to destroy the Narkoy once and for all. One lone Narkoy woman must travel to a planet of Juvin-que, to convince a warring people to come together and help the Narkoy fight the Marisheio or both people are doomed to a life of slavery.